Document Your Life in Photographs

I am a lifestyle photographer who specializes in family, senior, milestone, and documentary photography.


Let me capture your family as it is right now. These photo sessions are fun and engaging for everyone involved. I work hard to get genuine emotion and joy in every photograph.


Senior photos are the optimal opportunity to showcase the amazing young adult your child has become.


From maternity to welcoming baby, first birthdays to the first swim lesson, milestones are among my favorite photo sessions.


Documenting the day to day as well as special events in your life. These photo sessions are often done in your home or I can join you on a family outing for the day.


Oh my gosh, Jenna! They're amazing!! You are so talented. Thank you so much for these pictures, I treasure them!

Jen, Family Photo Session

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love them!

-Audrey, Extended Family Photo Session

Wow!! They are amazing! Thank you so much! That was so fast! Thanks again! I love them!

-Rachel D'Ardenne, Family Photo Session

Wow! These pictures are wonderful! You did an amazing job capturing their personalities and interactions with each other! I sincerely appreciate the time that you spent with us!

-Karen, Family Photo Session

They are utterly Amazing!!! She can't decide which one she likes the most!

-Shambre, Senior Photo Session

The pictures you took are AMAZING!! I love them! Thank you soo much!

Ashley, Photography Workshop and Family Photo Session

We LOVE the photos! You are so talented! Thank you!

Taylor, Senior Photo Session

They are so so cute!! We have "favorited" a bunch! They are so great! We love them!

Tracy, Senior Photo Session

She had a blast at the photo shoot! You have a real talent at photography! Thank you so much for this gift!

Kyra, Senior Photo Session

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