Sunset sessions are held during the beautiful golden hour at an outdoor location approximately 60 minutes before sunset. During the summer months when the sunsets are later in the evening, sessions can take place around bedtimes for little ones. I understand that this may seem like a challenge but I assure you that shifting nap and bedtime schedules around just a bit will make it totally worth it. Shooting during golden hour ensures that we have the best lighting for your session and that your images will have beautiful glow and colors.

In-home sessions are typically held anywhere from late morning to early afternoon. Since I am a natural light photographer, this is when the light will stream in beautifully through your windows and doors. 

Session timing

The experience + client closet

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Many of us never consider how important our wardrobe choices are when it comes to our photo sessions. When I first started in photography, I didn't realize how important it was to choose the right wardrobe. I have learned so much when it comes to styling and what a difference it makes in creating beautiful storytelling images and delivering art. In order to help provide my clients with not only a great experience, but options when it comes to choosing outfits, I have started a client closet that helps to represent my style and color pallet. I currently have a variety of women's dresses ranging from S-XL, children NB-1o years old and some options for men size M-L. I am continuously adding new pieces to provide more variety. When you book with me, you will receive an email to include a style guide that will guide you on how to achieve the look we want as well as a few of my favorite online shops if you wish to purchase yourself. I also create style boards to help provide you with a visual on how to coordinate outfits.

why styling is important