As a mom, I am always taking photos of my kids. So much so that they often give me that look like, that’s enough mom. I can’t help it. I love taking pictures and every moment seems like a good one to capture. I especially like getting those great candid shots that really show who my kids are. This can be a challenge to get. I have a few tricks I use, when taking pictures of my own children or when I am doing a family photo session, that help me capture personality in photos.

Use this list to capture personality in photos

Capture personality in photos
Talk to the kids as you are photographing.

Ask them questions about what they like and don’t like. Engage them in conversation and use the little tidbits to learn a thing or two you can use. photograph the emotion on their face as they talk. Laugh at their jokes with them to get genuine smiles.

Let them play.

If it’s a child who likes to climb, then snap shots as they climb around on rocks or other objects in your location. Let them look for bugs, sit in trees, throw rocks in the water or whatever it is that will get you genuine character. If you are at your own home or doing an in home session with a family, this can be much easier. They are in their element, just follow along and take pictures as they do their thing.

Capture personality in photos


Look for relationships.

A lot of a child’s personality shines through when they are with someone they love. I get some of my best shots when my kids are playing together. Or when my daughter looks up at her daddy with her big brown eyes.

Capture personality in photos
Get the expressions.

Kids have the best expressions. They really don’t need words. You can learn so much about a kiddo from his expressions.

One of the best things about a photograph is the ability to say so much without any words. It is always my goal to capture a person as authentically and organically as possible. I want the photo be an exact replica of who the person is. With kids, formal photographs often look very posed. They don’t know how to “look” natural. So whether you are taking photographs of your kids or doing a photo session try to make the process as natural as possible for kids and you will capture personality in your photos.