We all take pictures of our kids and probably get lots during special moments like birthdays or holidays. We make sure to grab our phone quickly when the spaghetti dinner is all over their face or they just painted themselves instead of the paper.

Photos to take of your child

Don’t stop taking these pictures. They are fun memories that you will enjoy revisiting later. But let’s add to your list. Like many parents, my husband and I measure our kiddos on a piece of trim to see how big they are getting. The list below, is similar to this. These are pictures that capture who your child is at a moment in time. You can take them as often as you want, but I suggest at least a couple times a year.

5 photos you need to take of your child today:

1. With their favorite thing

This could be anything from a favorite stuffed animal or blanket to a toy they won’t put down. It may be a book your child reads every night. This item may change frequently or be the same for several years. Just capture a photo of your child with the item.

Photos to take of your child

 2. Next to dad or mom

This is just like the measuring stick. What’s a fun way to see how your child is growing and remember what their sweet faces looked like when they came up to your knee.

3. Silly face

This is just such a fun one because they love it and it captures their silly side.

4. With something they just built or created that they are proud of; legos, art, school work

Let’s face it, you can’t keep every thing your child draws, paints, or creates so take a picture if your kiddo loves it. Make sure to get your child proud face in the photo, it will make it that much more fun to look at later.

Photos to take of your child

 5. Doing something they love

Depending on the age of your child this might be playing or participating in a sport. Whatever it is, capture them in the moment.

I know I only put 5 things on the list, but this one really should be on there. I only omitted it because it can be a challenge to get, especially when your kids are older and no longer nap. If there was a sixth essential photo on the list, it would be;

Photos to take of your child

6. Take a picture while your child is asleep

Nothing is more precious and innocent looking than your child as they sleep. My mom used to always tell me that we still looked like babies when we slept and now I can see what she meant.

You can’t do it all and you can’t remember every moment with your kids. Here are a few photos to take of your kids to remember who they were at each stage. Don’t worry if you haven’t started this and your child is already getting big. Start now and enjoy the memories they’re grown.