Great photos are all around you every single day. I love to photograph people, so often, my inspiration comes from my kids.



I have decided to start a post where I can add a new picture everyday. I pick up my camera and shoot something, or lots of things, every day so why not share some with you all! I hope this moves you to get your camera out and shoot anything  and everything that inspires you! It may also be a fun look into the crazy days with our three little humans.

My favorite lens for everyday and photo shoots is the 50mm f/1.4. In my opinion, you don’t need any other lens for almost anything you are photographing.

Check this lens out and read about how it can enhance your photography. You will be taking professional looking photographs in no time. Perfect for a crisp portrait with a blurry background and amazing professional quality images!

Day One:

My spunky, spirited little two year old got dressed this morning in her favorite tutu inspired skirt and purple converse. Definitely some photo worthy feet!


This photo was shot with a 50mm 1.4 lens. I put her completely in the shade and put my focus on her shoes.

Day Two:

The first few days of a babies life are like no other time. It is so much fun to capture these moments!


Newborn Photography

When taking photos in the hospital room, place the baby near the window and use the natural light coming in the room. Check out this post to learn more about taking the perfect pictures in the hospital.

Day Three:

My little man enjoyed exploring the park, but quickly realized that sticks do not taste nearly as good as Cheerios.


This was taken mid-day with full sun. My son was facing the sun, which is not always ideal, but I wanted to capture the moment. My aperture setting was 3.5 to get good clarity on his face while blurring the background.

Day Four:

We enjoyed a fun day at the zoo today so of course I spent much of the day taking pictures! Remember that photos don’t always have to be perfect. Capture real life moments with mismatched outfits, messy hair, and messy faces too!


It was a beautiful overcast day today so not much work had to go into getting a good image. My settings were iso 250, aperture 4.5, and shutter speed 200. The sidewalk created a natural reflection on their faces.

Day Five:

I love holidays. I love all the fun activities, but mostly I love baking and eating sweets that go along with the holidays. Today we enjoyed baking some Halloween inspired sugar cookies and I got to take some fun pics of the kids baking together!



Days Six, Seven, and Eight:

With all the Halloween Festivities this past weekend, I didn’t get to post my pictures each day. I, of course, took more photos than necessary so I will share a few below.

image image image

Day Nine:

I was going through our Halloween pictures this morning and found this one! Our sweet little girl was pink from head to toe…exactly the way she likes!!!


As you are snapping pictures when you are out and about, be mindful of your backgrounds. This can be tricky, but often it is just a quick switch of your angle. If I had taken this photo just two steps earlier the parking lot would be in the background so I waited a few seconds and got this beautiful bush. That’s what really made this photograph!

Day Ten:

There is nothing quite like fresh food from the garden. I am so sad this season is coming to an end. Look at all these beautiful greens!



When photographing food, find a place with good natural light. I like to use our kitchen and place the food near our big front window. The second image would have turned out better if I kept the chair out of the background, but I was trying to keep the natural light. You can always edit the photo to eliminate unwanted backgrounds if you prefer.

Day Eleven:

We are having an amazing fall and I want to take full advantage! Here is a picture of something beautiful that is often overlooked in the fall.


Day Twelve:

This face about sums up her attitude today. A little bit sweet and a little bit sassy!


I hope this post has inspired you to get out and take photos each day. If not, start now. Find something to photograph right now!